Interview with Anne-Marie Duff

June 10, 2007

Age: 36

Training: Drama Centre

Coming up: Saint Joan at The National (opens 4 July). Irish film Garage just shown at Cannes.

Big break: ‘I’ve never turned on a sixpence. It was an quite old-fashioned trajectory really. Commercially it would probably be Shameless. It would be daft to deny it.’

Career high: ‘I’m on a high at the moment. It’s not often you get to be in the rehearsal room with 21 men and just you. To be doing Saint Joan is a dream come true. When I got the phone call I had to sit down on the sofa for about five minutes.’

Are you proud to be British? ‘I’m very proud of our astonishing writing.’

Why is British acting so good? ‘Perhaps it’s the training, perhaps it’s a natural aptitude.’

This interview first appeared in Observer Review’s Why Britannia Still Rules the Stage piece

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