Bat For Lashes, London Luminaire

June 11, 2006


‘Drink his blood and he’s our leader,’ sings Natasha Khan, luring the audience into her twilight dream world of horses, bears and moonflies. The Brighton-based singersongwriter has been compared to Cat Power, Bjork and Kate Bush, and has been stirring musical passions for the last 18 months. Following a triumphant gig with Devendra Banhart at All Tomorrow’s Parties in May, tonight she plays her first London headline gig. Accompanying herself on keyboard – sometimes a harpsichord, sometimes a plinky-plonk piano – she is joined by Abi Fry on viola and Ginger Lee on a mint-green bass. Khan whispers, beginning sweet and soft, then rages, singing of two lovers who have committed suicide in their car. Her voice soars across a fantastic range from angelic trill to deep purr. She casts her fairytale wanderings within a sphere of magical noises resulting in a darkly glittering soundscape. ‘I need some howls on this one because it’s about a forest over a sea,’ Khan instructs, and the room dutifully impersonates a forest of wolves. Some bouncy numbers would have cast welcome rays of light across the darkness but Khan has a mystical magic that’s distinctly her own.

Taken from The Observer Review, Page 19


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